Helpful Reflections

In his December letter to the clergy of Perth Diocese, Archbishop Roger Herft states that in progressing  through Jesus the Child We Worship he found helpful the reflection for last Friday:

The challenge Jesus gives his disciple is to go with the same freshness of expectation as children do. Jesus may be challenging us to become as children, to move into new experiences with nothing but trust.

It is good for me to know which of the reflections you have found helpful, and whether Jesus the Child We Worship has helped you move towards the Feast of Christmas. I would be delighted if you added in the comments below any of the reflections that touched you.

Archbishop Roger ended his letter by quoting from my reflection on the mysterious journey to the End Time.

Advent invites us to re-kindle the anticipation of the journey, trusting our heavenly Parent for the wonder of the destination. There’s a mystery here. To us God seems slow to bring us to the culmination of the journey. We do feel like crying, ‘Are we there yet?’¬† It may be that we will find the journey less slow if we intentionally take delight in the journey itself as we look forward with joy to journey’s end.

Getting ready for the Advent journey – getting the book!

Next Sunday, the Advent journey begins.

If you’re well prepared and read ahead, there are some things in Jesus the Child We Worship to ponder when you come to Church on Advent Sunday. There’s also a reflection for St Andrew’s Day, which happens to fall on Sunday as well (although our lectionary gives you the option to transfer St Andrew to Monday December 1). You may like to read the first few pages this week, so that you won’t be swamped come Sunday.

Or, you may just like to take the readings as they come. The book will work that way too.

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