2015 in Jerusalem

I’ve appreciated your feedback on Jesus the Child We Worship; some people have told me of their overall experiences of using the readings day by day, others have highlighted an insight from one day or another that has set them thinking in a fresh way.

I hope your experience of my 2014 Advent book was worthwhile.

I had a double experience in 2014. I read Jesus the Child We Worship each morning during Advent with my wife Rae and responded to the Let us Play sessions together. It was good to experience the book as a reader rather than its author!

In addition, I read ahead to the readings for Advent 2015 and wrote reflections for each morning — the beginnings of another book. The focus for the readings is emerging as the judgement of Jerusalem. An early idea for a title is The End of the Party City.

I would find it a great help if you could let me know whether you would be interested in the idea of another book for Advent this year. Your comments below will be a guide.