Be Born in Us, We Pray

Archbishop Roger Herft launches "Jesus the Child We Worship".

Archbishop Roger Herft AM launched Jesus the Child We Worship at an informal function during the Franciscan Convocation at the St John of God Retreat Centre in Shoalwater on October 11.

In introducing Jesus the Child We Worship to a small crowd of Third Order members and other friends, Archbishop Roger was generous in his description of the meditations. He said that rather than focus on the theme of mortality, the meditations use the four last things (heaven, hell, death and judgement) to focus on new life; on the ways in which God’s life comes from the future to be born in us in the present. The Archbishop described this emphasis as natality.

Earlier in Convocation, Tertiaries had floated the possibility of staging a nativity crèche with a live baby, and clergy present traded many anecdotes about nativity scenes with missing babies, or such tiny dolls for babies that they were invisible. Using the readings in Jesus the Child We Worship will help readers find the Christ-Child! Kath David Ken_sml

By the end of the launch, all copies of the meditations that had been brought to the day had been sold — but more are available here.

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